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Private Label and Co-Packing Capabilities

Natural & Organic production capabilities in both our food and beverage facility are our true proficiency and involve many facets of fruit based and other unique item production capabilities.

PET Bottle & Jar, Plastic Cups, Glass Jar and Multi-Layered Spouted Pouch filling of prepared food and beverage items with a safe, hot-filled process to provide shelf stability and product integrity, consistency and quality is our primary process and function.

Quality & Consistency in the manufacturing of our Partners' brands and private label products is our paramount purpose.  We assure strict adherence to agreed product specification parameters and these standards are constantly measured to provide our Partners products void of variations and meet both our high internal standards as well as those of our Partners.

Research & Development of a wide variety of food and beverage products utilizing our years of experience combined with our category and channel leading savvy & skills provide for one of our many key points of differentiation.

Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) via the British Retail Consortium (BRC) is our maintained standard of operating excellence.  Andros Foods NA has scored the highest level (Grade A) consistently and we provide our Partners with the unequaled piece of mind that products that we produce will meet and exceed the most stringent quality levels and standards.

Apple Sauce & Apple Butter production continues to be a core competency for Andros Foods NA.  We know how to prepare and cook apples to just the right texture and consistency to make any private label or branded program a successful Partnership.  Cups, glass jars, PET and sprouted pouch capabilities.

Fruit & Fruit/Vegetable Based Drinks are a natural line extension to our many years of apple juice bottling capabilities and proficiency coupled with today’s marketplace looking for “better for you” alternative beverages.  

Isotonic Solution beverages containing popular electrolytes and essential ingredients for performance enhancement are another application variety we have capabilities of and products available to address today’s active lifestyles.

Conventional & Organic Juices which are prepared and hot-filled into both multi serve and/or single serve PET bottles providing alternative and healthier beverage alternatives.

Natural & Organic Teas in both single serve or multi serve PET bottle formats allow us a unique offering for our Partners that attract an ever growing demand of more natural beverage category alternatives.  

Natural & Organic Fruit Pouch Snacks This format is unique in its ability to cross various sales channels, categories and applications.  The spouted pouch possesses a true “cradle to grave” format that is unsurpassed in the consumer product goods industry. 

Conventional & Organic Baby Food Pouch & Toddler Foods/snacks is an area now dominated by the transition into the spouted pouch and Andros Foods NA leads the way in our production capabilities, product development and superior expertise in providing the best products possible within this revolutionary format.  Our exemplary safety standards & practices allow us to be best suited for this capability extension to our core competencies.

Where Technology meets Tradition is not just a saying…it is our key point of differentiation that allows our separation from others in the supply chain. 

Andros Foods North America…where YOUR brand is OUR focus!